About Warrior Princess Production Company

Warrior Princess Production Company is a marketing consultancy firm.  Our consultancy program will sync with other software and purchase proprietary software for a monthly or yearly fee. The subscription options are of 3, 6, or 12 months.

What Do We Do?

  1. We have designed a proprietary “data matrix” that will show how much your customers spend and review your existing marketing programs.
  2. We will unify data from different types of platforms into a data lake.
  3. We can unlock insights from your data with a variety of analytics and the creation of a business intelligence tool to easily connect to your data sources.

Who Is Our System For?

  1. Companies who have not maximized their Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in the marketing and advertising space.
  2. Companies who would like to increase sales, discover areas of opportunity in other markets, and apply leading industry technologies to extract the finer data points across platforms.
  3. Companies with existing marketing campaigns that desire to apply data analytics to monitor campaign efficiency, discover untapped markets and increase ROI on existing and future campaigns.

We have developed a proprietary system for advancing a company’s brand awareness and expanding the marketing funnel through clickstream and transactional data to build a recommendation engine, and a BI (Business intelligence dashboard). Additionally, we analyze your customer data and customer churn rate along with log data to understand the production system and clicks through our data matrix. 

Our data matrix is built upon sound data analytics and machine learning in collaboration with expert data scientist analysis and our proprietary soft skill creative learning system.

Stay tuned for more developments and updates from Warrior Princess Production Company.

Warrior Princess Production Company is sponsoring all of the marketing/advertisement and branding for Kimberly Hood and her book launch Stepping Out of the Maze…Meditations and Declarations with God.